Oscar's Poem

written by Oscar Beggs, Jr. prior to his death July 1969

Page last updated:  August 30, 2014


                                                              Oscar Beggs (1969)

                        One Dark Lonely night at the midnight hour twas then I a rose from my bed.

Crossing my room to the window I was lonely heart broken and sad, and there as I stood by the window I gazed out at the stars in the night, in my mind I began to wonder then out in memory’s Flam, took flight in memory I went to a city where Bright Angels Feet have trod up there to a Beautiful city, Where Builder and Maker is God and there are those Beautiful Mansions and the streets that are paved with pure gold all the Glory and Beauty of that City has never yet bin told.

There the music and songs of the angels as they play on harps – of pure gold shouting and singing GOD’s glory in that city wher you never grow old and there the Redeemed of all ages whose Life work here was done had gone there to that Beautiful City there to be Forever at home


The most wonderful and marvelous of all, over there in that home of the glad and the free there sitting on the Right hand of  God’s glory intersission for me then – in reading from his precious word I remembered when he Left such wonderful Glory up there came to this world of sin and sorrow here troubles and tryals to fare.

Then went on to Calvary there in pain and agoney gave his Life Blood on the Old Rugged Cross for a lost and ruinned sinner like me and there the Fountain of the matter of Life so Beautiful so sparkling and clear that you are invited to take of Freely all thine glory and Beauty to share  are over now when those Heart aches and sorrows and From the cares of this Life set Free up there in the portails of god’s glory there is – a place in that city for me.

(The body of the message and spelling has not been changed.  This poem was written by Oscar Beggs, Jr. shortly before his death in July of 1969.  It was given to the pastor at the church that he attended in Houston, TX.  At his funeral, the pastor gave it to the family.  The original is now in the possession of his niece Joyce Swarthout, Buffalo, TX.   Oscar Beggs Jr. was the son of Oscar Beggs Sr. and Alice Paralee Alexander Beggs)