Laura Estell Perry

b. Laura Estell Landrum, 26 Oct 1889 in Brownwood, TX

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My Grandmother was Laura Estell Perry. Most people knew her as Stella or Sissie. To me she was Mammy. She always called her self Mammy to all her grandchildren. My mother and Daddy seperated when I was one year old. My Mother was sick so we had to move in the house with Mammy and Papa. My mother was so sick she couldn't work, so Mammy had to help raise me.

Mammy had 7 granchildren. My aunt Lady had 6 children. Mammy didn't get to be with my cousins very much, but I can remember hearing her saying, come on Baby Ruth let's get every thing cleaned up, Aunt Lady is comming. She was always so happy to see them come. Aunt Lady and Uncle Harry lived in Ark. She loved and injoyed them so much. It always made her  sad when they had to go home. She always had time to play with us. Even she had to make the living for her and Papa. Papa was a sick man. He had T-B. So Mammy had to be the bread winner. She would do any kind of work frome field work to painting houses.

I remember Mammy and Papa living in a tent by a creek. The tent was cold in the winter and damp when it rained, but she never complained. When it came a big rain, the creek would get out of banks and we would have to go to higher ground. She cooked all her food on a wood stove. When she made bisquits, they were real big but oh so good.

My Mammy had beautiful long white hair. When I was a child she would let me comb her hair. I would sat and comb it and it felt like silk.

I remember Mammy making me rag dolls. I was so proud of my dolls. I also had one made frome a corn cob.

I remember one time she gave me a tiny locket. I put it in her button box and when Jimmy Earl came to visit Mammy he found the locket and Mammy had forgot she had given it to me so she gave it to him. I saw him with it and got in a fight over it, so Mammy gave each of us a dime for the locket and then she threw it in the tolit. She always knew how to handel a crises.

Mammy loved to fish. she would get her perch pole and a can of dough bait and head for the creek. I didn't like to fish but I would go with her. she would tell me to sat down and be real quite or the fish would't bite. She never failed to catch her fish.

My Papa died in 1944. Mammy was alone but she kept busy. She loved to go to church and she was always active in church work. She hardly missed a meeting night, and always taken me to Sunday school. She would get all dressed up and put her hat and a pretty corsage and go to church. Not many times did she go to church without her hat. she always looked so pretty.

Mammy met Claud Perry and was married Dec 22, 1949. They were good for each other. They moved into a little shack, but they were happy. Mammy always had her yard full of flowers. She loved her flowers. She didn't like grass because it wasn't good for her flowers. She really had a way with flowers.

Claud died in 1959 and Mammy moved to a housing project. It was a nice place and warm in the winter. She still had her flowers but not so many. Just small beds for her flowers.

As long as she could walk she would take flowers to the grave yard and put them on the graves of her loved ones. But slowly she begain to loss the use of legs and had to stay in more. She didn't complain but tryed to live each day as it came. She loved for her neighbors to come by and always had a smile for every one. Mother moved in to take care of Mammy. She was glad but she still wonted to be independent. She would try to help Mother all she could. She finilly got where she couldn't walk. When Aunt Lady passed away she wasn't able to go to the funeral so she stayed with me. Even tho she was in grief over her darling daughter, she tryed to hold up. She knew Her GOD would not put more on her then she could bare. She would sat and read her bible and pray for all her loved ones.

Yes my Mammy was a wonderful person. And to me the only Grandmother in this world. God called Mammy home June 13, 1974 but her memory will forever be in my heart. She is happy now and is with her family that has gone on to glory but I know there is A Star in Heaven for my MAMMY. Some day I will see her again.


(This is exactly as Ruth Wood wrote the letter.  The spelling was not changed to preseve the originality)